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Artist & Architect 

Bordeaux - 27 yrs


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Space-time then moments that become fixed

and transformed by the tool of matter.

As engraved in reality, memory becomes possible.

Poetic, it awakens consciences.

Replacing man with his own requirements.

Moments that disappear. It was a moment.


For everything is movement in space and time.

Life itself is an engine of movement.

Nothing is frozen. All is relative.

We evolve in space-time.

The desire to save, leave a trace, several.

Share the unique sensation.

The only moment among so many.

So many truths are born without living.


Understanding these movements is one thing, moving them into another.

These natural movements animate and abase us.

Immaterial, they make us act and think without rational reason.

These movements are sources of creations.

In this World, it questions us.


Like a stop on space-time already past.

In my work and vision,

It is just as much question,

Of space than of time,

Immobility and mobility

Of shadow than of light,

Of vacuum than of matter,

Figurative as abstract,

Of memory than of imaginary.





French Artist & Architect



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